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Anytime, Anywhere

Being able to access your business information should not be difficult. Staff should have the flexibility of being able to access business data at anytime, from anywhere, with any device. Cloud business tools such as Google Apps for Business and Microsoft 365 make this a reality for as little as $50 per user per year.
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Software that fits your Business

One size does NOT fit all. There is a great range of software that can meet your business needs: timesheets, payroll, bookkeeping, project planning, task management, intranet communication, messaging, video conferencing and many more. Using subscription based hosted software will allow greater connections between your data and information at significantly lower cost to existing business software.
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Extending your Team

A small business may not be able to afford hiring full time employees with specialist skills. There is a huge pool of qualified and experienced people across the globe that can be contracted to do work for you on demand. This work can include graphic design, web development, bookkeeping, data entry, personal assistants, writing, marketing and database development.
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What we do
What we do

SimplerIT starts with a conversation. It starts with gaining an understanding of how data and information moves through your business. It starts with understanding your processes, the software your are using and how your systems can be improved to meet your business objectives most effectively.

SimplerIT is about finding the most efficient software that serves your business without the impact to your operational expenditure.

An Example
Example Solution

A client was using 3 x Microsoft Access Databases to manage contacts, contracts and payments. This system was failing the client as regular expensive development was required, the databases did not exchange data effectively and staff could not access the data when they were out of the office.


We evaluated what the solution needed to produce (ie reports and contracts), how and when data should be entered, how the information should be managed (timelines, milestones) and how staff needed to access the system. We prepared a list of functional requirements and found a hosted solution to meet these needs. On acceptance from the client, we migrated the data, prepared the staff for change and delivered training to assist staff in adopting the new system. Online documentation was then created to define the processes and provide guides in using the system.

How you will save money?
How will you save money?

Typically when a business first starts, they seek the advice of an IT expert to build a website, setup email and provide a server to store documents. Typically a server (or two), software licenses and ongoing IT support is recommended. This can be both expensive upfront and ongoing. There is a less expensive, more innovative way that will provide better access and more collaboration for your team.

Pay a monthly or annual fee per user to have servers and software managed and maintained in a secure facility. Your business will access your data via an internet connection from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Examples include:

Google Apps for Work at $50 per user per year which provides business email, calendar, file storage, web site hosting, messaging and video conferencing.

Microsoft 365 at $84 per user per year which provides business email, calendar, file storage, intranets, messaging and video conferencing.

Using Google Apps for Work or Microsoft 365 and other hosted services such as XERO/Quickbooks for accounting and book keeping, can be your path to a server free office and the expenses associated with it.

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